Nissan 180SX in "Motorway"(2012)

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50 x 70 cm ( Without frame )

There have been few movies about cars in recent years, apart from the Nissan 180SX which the leading actors drove. Numbers of classic rides from the 80s and 90s like Toyota Sera, Nissan Fairlady Z32, have also made an appearance in the movie too. The best signature scene would sure be the that 8000 rpm, 2km/h side-shifting technique.

車手是近年少有以汽車題材作為主導的電影,除了主角們所駕駛的180SX車系之外,電影中亦出現大量八,九十年的經典車型如Toyota Sera, Nissan Fairlady Z32等等。戲中令車迷津津樂道的莫過於著名的「八千轉兩咪車」彎角!