Land Rover Freelander in "Love in a Puff" (2010)

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50 x 70 cm ( Without frame )

Jimmy’s Land Rovers have take parts in their relationship, from having crushes, falling in love, breaking up and the stage in life where they consider having a family together. In the movie, Jimmy gives the childish playful image who never grows up. However, his long-lasting love towards Cherie and Land Rover have never changed. In the past ten years, the audience seems to have grown up with Jimmy who drove a Freelander to a real man who drives a Defender. In a packed city like Hong Kong, people look for a useful and spaceful vehicle, SUV would be the best choice.

志明的三架愛車亦一同經歷著他倆愛情每個階段,從曖昧,訂情,分手,復合至討論結婚生子。在戲中,志明給人的感覺都是貪玩、不會長大的大男孩,除了對余春嬌之外,他對Land Rover同樣長情。這些年來,觀眾仿佛跟愛玩開Freelander的志明成長至穩重可靠開Defender的志明。香港地少人多,很多人都會因為要「夠實際」「空間夠」等等原因,而會偏愛「家庭用品」系列的SUV。相比房車,SUV車廂空間充裕、外型年輕,較高的車身視野相對廣闊。有個有趣數據可以參考一下,今年一月,香港旅行車登記數量約二千四百輛,比房車多一倍有多呢。