Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III in "Thunderbolt" (1995)

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50 x 70 cm ( Without frame )

Jackie had a long-standing relationship with Mitsubishi Motors which extends back to the late 1970’s when he signed a deal with the automaker to feature Mitsubishi models in all of his films exclusively. For example FTO,GTO,EVO III and so on. 
There is one Mitsubishi that never really got the credit it deserved though, and you probably forgot about it. 
That is the Mitsubishi FTO. FTO was famous as Jackie used it in the movie “ Thunderbolt”. Due to the increase in the population of Hong Kong, the road conditions have been entirely different, the scene they took on Fanling Highway is almost impossible to make again. 
That’s why it became unforgettable. 

《霹靂火》絕對是香港賽車電影經典之一。電影中看到的街頭賽車文化,或者是賽車場內的競技場面,都是後無來者。另一個神話,就是電影中可以用到不少當年三菱汽車旗艦級數的跑車,例如FTO,GTO,EVO III等,都是因為成龍跟三菱汽車的關係,才可以在拍攝時借出。